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Plage Gran Bahia Principe El Portillo

Beach of the Gran Bahia Principe El Portillo and Playa Las Terrenas

Playa El Portillo Playa Las Terrenas

The hotel Gran Bahia Principe El Portillo is located on the beach with the same name. Kilometers of sandy beach easy for walking. Lovers of luxury hotels, which an access to a nice beach for long walk, will love the El Portillo. 600 meters west of the hotel, there is a place very popular for kite surf lovers, especially at sunset. There is a school for this sport in the village of Las Terrenas.

What is surprising when you see the beach for the first time is the presence of clumps of coral all along the northern coast of the peninsula. At low tide, some of them are exposed to air. Snorkeling lovers will be thrilled to read these lines, but think again. These corals are covered with sand and vegetation. The water quality is not excellent for snorkeling, since it is obscured by currents of warm water.

For those wishing to experience water sports at the hotel Gran Bahia Principe El Portillo, you should know that you must complete a release of two pages, available in several languages, even only for snorkeling gears! After signing the liability waiver, yacht club employees punch your bracelet, so you never have to fill out the form for subsequent rental. It is possible to receive a message at the beach (East sector). The cost is $ 30 USD per hour.

There is a luxury complex under construction east of Gran Bahia Principe El Portillo, its name: El Portillo Beach Club & Spa. Information to come.

To reach the village of Las Terrenas, you can go by the beach (it is a long walk), taxi (7 min. $ 10 one way), motorcycle (yes, there may be three on the same seat for few dollars) or by public transport « gua-guas ».

Las Terrenas
The village of Las Terrenas with its craft shops, bars, restaurants , etc.

In the village, there are several shops run by French, bars, restaurants and excursion sales (less expensive than the hotel). Las Terrenas is a village rather noisy, there are many outstanding 4-wheelers, trucks, motorcycles without exhaust. Let's say we did not find this place very attractive. A bit away from the main road, there are several residences owned by the French. They seem to like this place! We did not feel in danger during our walk to the village. You can withdraw money (ATM, Cirrus and credit cards) in the village. Las Terrenas, a small village for shopping!

Click HERE to see our photos of the beach at the Gran Bahia Principe El Portillo and HERE for the beach and the village of Las Terrenas.

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