Where is Samaná?

Samaná is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the northeastern province of the Dominican Republic. Its capital is Santa Bárbara de Samaná.

The province, with more than 92,000 inhabitants, spread over 854 km2 of tropical forests, coconut groves, hundreds of beaches with turquoise crystal clear waters, waterfalls and protected national parks.

It takes about half an hour to cross the peninsula north to south and an hour from West to East.

It was discovered on January 12th, 1493 by Christopher Columbus, who was greeted with a barrage of spears and arrows from native Taíno warriors.

Each year between the months of February and March, humpback whales leave the cold waters of the North Atlantic and swim down to breed near the shores of Samaná. They can be easily seen from the city port.

Gran Bahia Principe Cayacoa

Gran Bahia Principe Samaná

Gran Bahia Principe
Cayo Levantado

Gran Bahia Principe
El Portillo

Grand Paradise Samaná

Gran Bahia Principe Cayacoa

Grand Paradise Samana
and Playa Las Galeras

Playa Rincon

GBP Cayo Levantado
(and public beach)

GBP El Portillo and Playa Las Terrenas

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Parc National de Los Haitises

  The excursions offered in Samana

There are many excursions offered by tour operators in Samana. While suggested, you do not have to buy your excursion from the tour operator who sold you your travel package.

To choose your excursions, you have two choices: attend the information session which is usually done the day after your arrival at the hotel (recommended) or flipping through the books of excursions near the reception. The descriptions included the package price.

Tours are available in English, French and sometimes German and Italian. You can pay either in cash (USD) or use your credit card. Note the price does not include gratuities for your guide and driver.

It is important to have in your possession your coupon before going to the meeting point the day of your excursion. The access could be refused if you left your coupon to the room. Always bring good pair of shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, money, camera, etc..

INFO SUMMER 2012 ... A new excursion is now available in Samaná, the « Taino Park ». A very original concept for you to discover the life of the first inhabitants of the region, the Tainos. This one-hour tour through the Haitisses park is offered daily from 9 am to 18 pm. You can visit the official website ... http://www.tainopark.com/

Here is the list of excursions ...
(Source: Canadian travel operator books in Samaná. Prices in USD )

 Cascada « El Limon »

« Horseback ride through the exotic forest and find yourself at the bottom of a spectacular waterfall 55 meters high! An unforgettable discovery in the hearth of the jungle »

Weekday(s): Wednesday
Leaving: 8h00 (Grand Par.), 9h00 (Cayo Levantado), 9h30 (Cayacoa) and 9h45 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 8 persons
Price: $75 (from Samaná) and $59 (from La Terrenas)

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  Catamaran « Esmeralda »

« Spend a relaxing day in the deep blue sea, onboard a superb catamaran. Snorkel and explore a new world in the sea and enjoy an excellent dominican meal. »

Weekday(s): Thursday and Saturday
Leaving: 8h00 (Grand Par.), 8h45 (Cayo Levantado), 8h55 (Cayacoa) and 8h15 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 15 persons
Price: $85 (adult) and $73 (children)

  « Parque Los Haitises » & Cayo Levantado

« Cross the bay of Samana by boat, to discover the national park of Los Haitises. You will be amazed by this tropical jungle with its huge mangroves, wonderful islands and caverns. On the way back, stop at the spectacular island of Cayo Levantado »

Weekday(s): Wednesday & Saturday
Leacing: 8h00 (Grand Par.), 8h45 (Cayo Levantado), 8h55 (Cayacoa) and 8h15 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 12 persons
Price: $80 (adult) and $60 (children)

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  Meet the whales

« An exciting and unforgettable winter attraction in one of the most beautiful region of the country Samana peninsula. You will travel through kilometers of unspoiled beaches to reach Cayo Levantado for lunch. Enjoy a few hours of relaxation on a white sanded beach, swim in crystal clear turquoise waters. You will never forget this meeting with the whales hibernating in th warm waters of Samana Bay to reproduce. This exceptional excursion is only available from January to mid March. Transportation by small plane, minibus on by motor boat. Please bring your camera! »

Weekday(s): info to come
Leaving: info to come
Minimium required: info to come
Price: info to come

  Jeep Safari

« A full day, all included, guided tour of the mountains on an exclusive adventure safari. Spectacular views and fantastic photographs. On board an off-road 4x4 convertible Jeep, experience the lifestyle and friendliness of the locals in their natural habitat. Enjoy exotic fruits, toasted coffee and coconut preparation farm (site, plant, place). Dive in the river, take a ride on a horse or have a Dominican banquet. On our way back, we shall visit a spectacular desert beach where you will be able to surf the waves on board Morey Boogie or just relax over a rum cocktail to the sound of the nature. The price includes: lunch (rum and drinks) »

Weekday(s): Tuesday and Friday
Leaving: 9h10 (Grand Par.), 8h30 (Cayo Levantado), 8h00 (Cayacoa) and 8h40 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 8 persons
Price: $79 (adult) and $59 (children)

  « Playa Rincon »

« Here's your chance to discover the beach of your dreams. We stop at a pineapple plantation, where you will learn about their culture and production. We arrive at the Rincon Beach where you enjoy the beach life all day, with drinks like beer, rum, Coke, Sprite and water are included. Lunch will be served in typical restaurant, called Rubi, offers a buffet. Remember to bring your bathing suit, beach towel, sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses and cameras »

Weekday(s): Monday and Wednesday
Leaving: 9h10 (Grand Par.), 8h30 (Cayo Levantado), 8h00 (Cayacoa) and 8h40 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 8 persons
Price: $85 (adult) and $64 (children)

  « White Water Rafting »

« Maximum adventure and fun for everyone hop on a raft and enjoy the cool waters of the Yaque del Norte river, the longest in the Caribbean. In the company of professional guides, you will go through canyons and rapids to the feel of an adrenaline rush. You will discover places unknown to most. Action, nature a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Includes: Transfer from and to the hotels, Rafting, Protection (life jacket, helmet and special uniform), breakfast, lunch, snack and non-alcoholic drinks (limited). What to bring: Swimming gear, sneakers, sandals, water shoes, sun block, towels, disposable camera and extra cash. IMPORTANT! High-risk excursion. All participants must sign a waiver. This excursion is not recommended for pregnant women or for people with severe physical or motor handicap or serious heart problems. Children under 14 are not accepted »

Weekday(s): Thursday
Leaving: 5h30 (Grand Par.), 6h20 (Cayo Levantado), 6h40 (Cayacoa) and 6h15 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 10 persons
Price: $125 (adult) and $125 (children)

  Horseback riding

« This tour begins on an off-road 4x4 truck through the countryside of Samaná. After we go to a nice ride that allows guests to enjoy the fresh air of the rainforest and get in touch with the beautiful natural surroundings »

Weekday(s): info to come
Leaving: info to come
Minimium required: info to come
Price: info to come

  Tour de Chocolat

« The main objective of the Fair Trade Chocolate Tour is to allow visitors to experience the production process of Fairtrade cocoa in the Dominican Republic. More than 8,500 small producers of cocoa export their Conacado markets U.S., Europe and Asia. Thus, visitors are welcome in the cocoa farms and processing plants, where they will have the opportunity to make their own chocolate and visit some social and environmental programs, which are part of the Fairtrade »

Weekday(s): Sunday & Monday
Leaving: 7h15 (Grand Par.), 7h45 (Cayo Levantado), 7h45 (Cayacoa) and 7h15 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 15 persons
Price: $117 (adult) and $88 (children)

  Santa Domingo

« In a wonderful day, meet Santo Domingo (the first city in the New World) and capital of the Dominican Republic, located only 2 hours 30 minutes drive from Samana. Take advantage of its most important monuments and sites of historical interest and make an unforgettable trip to the colonial area of this amazing city. We invite you to share and learn 500 years of history »

Weekday(s): Wednesday
Leaving: 6h20 (Grand Par.), 7h15 (Cayo Levantado), 7h30 (Cayacoa) and 6h45 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 8 persons
Price: $115 (adult) and $86 (children)

  « Ocean World »

« A unique park in the Caribbean, located at the beautiful beach of Cofresi, Choose from a variety of interactive programs with dolphins, sea lions, tiger and other tropical wildlife. Do not miss the shows with the dolphins, sea lions, parrots and sharks »

Weekday(s): Wednesday
Leaving: 5h10 (Grand Par.), 6h00 (Cayo Levantado), 6h15 (Cayacoa) and 6h00 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 10 persons
Price: info to come

  Las Terrenas « shopping »

« Sight-seeing and a bit of Samaná history, this is what you can do all in one day while we take you to Las Terrenas to take pictures from complete view of Los Haitises and Salto Limon. Learn about the way of life in Samaná and purchase some souvenir for your family and friends. Not to be missed! »

Weekday(s): Friday & Saturday
Leaving: 7h30 (Grand Par.), 8h15 (Cayo Levantado), 8h30 (Cayacoa) and 9h15 (Portillo)
Minimium required: 8 persons
Price: $53 (adult) and $40 (children)

  « Rancho Tipico » Samaná

« Enjoy a day of relaxation and adventure as you experience the backcountry of Samaná on horseback! Your first stop is the waterfall Lulu. Nestled back in the woods one can take pictures of this ever-flowing waterfall in its beautiful tropical surroundings. After ridding horse along the beach you will enjoy a traditional lunch with the Atlantic ocean as the backdrop to this sided café. In the afternoon, it's back in vehicle and down the road for a brief stop at the tobacco house where you can learn how cigars are made and hand rolled. Don't missed this ecological tour! »

Weekday(s): Tuesday & Thursday
Price: $68 (adult) and $34 (children)

  Taino discovery

« Leaving the hotels from Samaná we take the boat to Los Haitises Nacional Parque, we visit a cave with Taino's paintings, we will have a beautiful panoramic of the park, watching birds and mangroves jungle and exotic flora. Then we take the bus of truck safari transportation until the Yanigua's waterfall: here we will be swimming and having the opportunity to clean the swin, taking a bath with the clay composed primarily of fine-grained minerals which applied on the skin makes it very smoothly. After departure from Yanigua we will drive to the restaurant where we will have a typical dominican lunch. Then we take the boat to Cayo Levantado to enjoy the beach and relax »

Weekday(s): Thursday
Price: $165 (adult) and $82 (children)

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